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Sergiu Tabaran, Ecommerce Specialist and COO The fast-paced world of ecommerce demands companies to keep their online stores and commercial platforms as flexible and open to innovation as possible. That is why solutions such as Magento are crucial for organizations in the industry to thrive. As a solution that provides merchants with a robust shopping cart experience and ample control over the functionality of their websites, Magento’s toolset spans across SEO, marketing, catalog-management, and more. Yet, as powerful and practical as these tools are, business leaders often find it challenging to switch from their tried and tested platforms to an unknown, albeit more advanced solution. Experts who can help businesses realize the benefits of using Magento to power their platforms and help them implement it can very well be the lynchpin to any company’s growth.

As one of the few Bronze Adobe solution providers globally, and the first Bronze Magento partner agency to reach Adobe Commerce specialization, the team at Absolute Web shares their expertise to guide companies in the setup and customization of various ecommerce solutions. “As a fast-paced agency, we can avoid unnecessary bureaucracy when implementing Magento projects, and speed up the process substantially” begins Sergiu Tabaran, ecommerce specialist and COO at Absolute Web. Absolute Web can effectively reduce the Time to Market (TTM) of a newly designed platform from the usual six months to just three or four months.

As a fast-paced agency, we can avoid unnecessary bureaucracy when implementing Magento projects, and speed up the process substantially

In an industry where even the slightest delays translate into money lost, the company delivers its services with optimum efficiency. This gusto from Absolute Web has proven crucial for ecommerce companies struggling under the stress of the pandemic. Amid challenging times, the firm also provides B2B and B2C tools that enable custom solution development and third-party integrations to expedite its clients’ digital marketing operations.

The journey of building a Magento-powered ecommerce platform with the help of Absolute Web is a three-phase project. The first stage comprises conversations with the client to analyze their needs. Then, Absolute Web drafts a farsighted plan which entails the best solutions and tech stacks that match the client’s requirements. Stage two involves creating a platform development and a project management team to oversee the venture. Certified solution specialists in Magento are also brought in to lead the entire project and ensure that the developed solutions are best-in-class.

“We can also provide UX/UI designers, SEO technicians, DevOps specialists, and even a content manager should the project require them,” remarks Sergiu.
In case clients already have a platform to migrate from, an integration specialist can assist them during the transition. Stage three consists of creating a beta version of the solution and improvising it according to the client’s feedback. Once the launch is finalized, Absolute Web offers a safety net of two months to remove bugs and glitches from the solution (at no cost) and stays engaged with the client in the long term. The agency provides constant support and technological upgrades to its clients, with some relationships stretching over 11 years.

Sergiu Tabaran brings to light one such client interaction where Absolute Web played a vital role in the customer’s continued business development. The client was previously working with another agency that was too slow and inefficient in executing their project. And since they planned to move from their legacy platform to a newer, more streamlined one, the company was on the lookout for experts who could perform the task at minimal risk. Adhering to the Magento best practices, the Absolute Web team shouldered this responsibility and quickly created a new ecommerce platform that supported a vast amount of data from multiple websites and was equipped to analyze payments made from all over the world. “In contrast to the one year projected by the former solution provider, Absolute Web completed the project in a swift eight months,” says Sergiu Tabaran.

Although merchants worldwide are apprehensive of new business ventures in the COVID-afflicted economy, the world of ecommerce is steadily on the rise. Data from the US Department of Commerce shows that there has been a 32% increase in the growth of ecommerce during the pandemic. This spike in growth will inevitably lead to the rise of new innovative technologies in the space. And Absolute Web is one of the forerunners spearheading this trend and reshaping the relationship between consumers and suppliers the world over.

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Sergiu Tabaran, Ecommerce Specialist and COO

Being an Adobe Solution Partner certified in Magento Commerce, Absolute Web is an award-winning digital commerce agency. Since 1999, the agency has relied on its expert team of digital strategists, project managers, certified developers, trend forecasters, and user experience producers to provide its clients with solutions that improve their business, brand, and online conversions. Among other services, AW focuses on developing impressive Ecommerce user experience designs that function well and, in turn, increase sales conversions for a client’s online business. The team at Absolute Web shares their expertise to guide companies in the setup and customization of various ecommerce platforms

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